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          Rivenshield was created nearly two decades ago as my home-brewed campaign world for table top role-playing. It evolved through crude, ballpoint pen drawings on copy paper, to slightly less crude digital drawings as technology allowed...but over the last year I commited to working on a full-size, digitally rendered version of the campaign map designed with my own hand-crafted fonts. I'm offering it here as a limited edition signed and numbered print on heavyweight stock, perfect for actual game table use, or framing.

  • Printed on 18"x24", glossy, heavyweight #12 stock.

  • Limited edition printing of 150 posters, signed and numbered.

  • $10.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling. *Shipped inside the USA only.* Shipped wrapped in newsprint, and rolled inside a rigid cardboard tube - NOT folded.

  • Payment via Paypal or major credit card processed via Paypal only.

  • Email to studio@blambot.com with all questions before purchasing.

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